Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates | Circuit Pilates
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Circuit Pilates

What is Circuit Pilates?

Circuit Pilates differs to Clinical Pilates, in that it is less individualised and more general fitness based. These classes utilise the Pilates equipment and mat area in a circuit format and are designed to improve your:

  • Muscular activation, strength and endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Proprioception and balance


Classes are provided under the guidance of highly trained physiotherapists and consist of up to 8 people, so bookings are essential.

Who can attend Circuit Pilates?

The class consists of exercises that are suitable for people of varying fitness levels, however if you are recovery from an injury or have a chronic physical condition, it may not be suitable. We encourage you to first see a physiotherapist to assess which type of Pilates would be most suited to your needs.

Booking Details

If you are injury free and are up for a new challenge, come and try the circuit class! We offer several different sessions of varying intensity levels at both our Bright and Myrtleford clinics. Please contact us for more details or to book your initial appointment.