Circuit Group
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Circuit Group

What is a Circuit Group?

Circuit Group is a more generalised program that is still working toward a your individual goals by adapting the exercises to your needs. These classes utilise the Pilates equipment and mat area in a circuit format and are designed to improve your:

  • Muscular activation, strength and endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Proprioception and balance


Classes are provided under the guidance of highly trained physiotherapists and consist of up to 8 people (bookings are essential). The 1 hour class involves a warm up on the mats, a circuit of 8 stations that is completed 3 times (varied exercises), followed by a cool down with stretching exercises on the mats.


The class consists of exercises that are suitable for people of varying fitness levels, however we require you to first see one our physiotherapists for an initial assessment to determine which group would be most suited to your needs, determine your goals and introduce you to the equipment.

Advanced Circuit Group


Beginner/Intermediate Circuit Group

Current Timetable




Tues 5pm: Advanced Circuit Group


Fri 10am: Beginner/Intermediate Circuit Group




Mon 6pm: Advanced Circuit Group

Booking Details

Due to the nature of the appointments, online bookings are not available for Circuit Groups. Please contact us to book your initial appointment or group.


Circuit Group is claimable under certain private health extras cover for certain participants. Please contact us for more details or to book your initial appointment.


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