Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates | Our services
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Our services


Physiotherapists are highly qualified health care professionals, skilled in the assessment and treatment of spinal and peripheral problems including joint, muscle, tendon and nerve injuries. Physiotherapists utilise evidence based techniques to provide safe and effective treatments with the goals of alleviating pain, restoring motion and promoting healing.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is unique and very different to fitness Pilates. Clinical Pilates is individually tailored and provided by highly trained physiotherapists.
Programs are designed after a thorough strength, flexibility and biomechanical assessment and focus on finding and fixing the root cause of injuries and pain.
The individually tailored programs are ideal for rehabilitation after injury or surgery, for injury prevention, and for promoting general health and well-being.


Hydrotherapy or Aquatic physiotherapy is a warm water based exercise therapy. It can make movement easier or harder and help with pain relief. Utilising local swimming pools OVP can offer regular Hydrotherapy sessions.

Mums & Bubs Pilates

At Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates we are aware that finding the time to exercise with a new baby can be difficult. The Mum & Baby classes are designed so you can bring your little one with you. Your baby can be included in the exercises which can help them with the development of postural tone, or they can relax and observe in our play-pen or bouncers!

Events Physio

At Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates we like to support the local community and events. If you would like us to serve at your next event please contact us via our contacts page or drop into our head office next time you’re in town.