Physio Exercise Class
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Physio Exercise Class

What is a Physio Exercise Class?

Physio Exercise Classes utilise the Pilates equipment in an individualised approach with exercise programs designed for:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Improving joint mobility and stability
  • Decreasing pain
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Decreasing falls risk


Classes are provided under the guidance of highly trained physiotherapists and consist of up to 4 people, each working through their own individualised program.

Why would I benefit from this class?

When recovering from an injury, a tailored exercise program is a key part of your rehabilitation program. We typically recommend home exercises to compliment your in clinic program and find that compliance to your exercise based rehab is heightened when attending a Physio Exercise Class 1-2 times per week.


The recommended duration of your program will vary depending on your individual situation and should be discussed with your treating physiotherapist.

Booking Details

How do I start?

For Physio Exercise Classes we require you to have an initial consult with one of our Physiotherapists to discuss your specific needs and goals and work with you to design your targeted program. If you are already seeing one of our Physiotherapists for treatment, this will be incorporated in to your treatment sessions. Please contact us for more details.


What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothing and clean socks. We recommend you avoid clothes with chunky zips, buckles, belts and hood which may become caught in the equipment.


What does it cost? 

We have a range of pricing options, including packages and concession prices. Please speak to our reception staff for more info.


Current Timetable

Sessions are available at different times throughout the week and for those who would prefer to attend privately, 1:1 sessions can be arranged at a time convenient. Please contact us for more details.


Physio Exercise Classes are claimable under certain private health extras cover. Please contact us for more details or to book your initial appointment.


How to book

Due to the nature of the appointments, online bookings are not available for Physio Exercise Classes. Please contact us to book your initial appointment or class.